Wanted – Homeowners who need to sell their homes fast! (Miami) $145900 3bd 2700ft2

If the course of events in your life has suddenly changed, and your house is keeping you from moving forward, then this will be the most heavenly (isn’t that a neat word) message you have ever read.

You see, I buy houses in cash and I can close in 15 days. Yes, you heard right, 15 days! Now, listen to this, I’m NOT a real estate agent, so I don’t charge any commissions to buy houses, nothing at all, ZIP!

Also, if you are like me, who likes to hoard stuff in the garage (or elsewhere around the house) over the years only to realize later that most of that stuff I really don’t need, not to worry. You see, if you need to sell your home, you can leave all of your unwanted stuff behind, I do all the cleanup work for you. All of it!

In fact, you don’t even need to make any repairs (if any is needed) to your home, I buy houses just the way they are, in any condition. Now, what about nasty liens and code violations? Yes, if you have any, I take care of those too. Wow, isn’t that something!

So, getting your life back on track can be as easy as selling your house to me. What do you get? Well, let’s see:

• You get your life-wheels spinning again almost overnight… since I buy houses in cash and there is no need to wait for a slow
bank-loan approval.
• You save money in real estate commissions… since I’m not a real estate agent, I don’t charge any commissions!
• You save effort and time by leaving behind all of your unwanted stuff… since I do all that tedious cleanup work for you.
• You save money and time by selling your house just the way it is… since I buy houses in any condition even if they need
repairs or if they have liens or code violations.
• You get piece of mind and a boost of confidence… since a heavy weight is removed from your shoulders.

You see, you can’t go wrong. What you need to do is send me information about your house, and within 24 hours I will send you a killer offer to buy it. I will pour my heart into the offer!

There is NO RISK for you at all. You have nothing to lose, not a penny. If you don’t like my offer, you can disregard it and toss it in the trash, no questions asked.

Now, listen up, I can only buy a few houses every month. So, email me or text me now!


Visit me online and fill out the form “Get-a-Fair-Offer-on-Your-House-in-24-Hours” with information about your house, and I will contact you within 24 hours.

Fill out the form now!


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