Learn Real Estate Investing

We are members of a local and nationwide community of investors. The community and what we have learned has been a game changer for all of us. We have very successful investors from all walks of life with success stories to tell. Our goal is to always solve real estate challenges for people. We are looking to expand our team and are looking for a select group of individuals to join us.

To qualify:

1) You need to have a minimum of 12 hours a week to dedicate to your success with our group on your schedule even from home
2) You need to have some form of financial stability when getting started with our group

We will be looking for these qualities in you:

• HIGHLY motivated
• TEAM player
• HIGH level of integrity
• SHOWS up
• WILLING to learn
• KEEPS appointments and commitments and DOES NOT flake
• DOES WHAT IT TAKES to reach your goals with no excuses
• WANTS to be an independent business person
• NOT expecting a free ride

IF you are brought into our community you can learn:

Real Estate Basics
Using other people’s money , time and knowledge to invest
Investing out of retirement plans
Setting Up Your Real Estate Investment Business
Creating passive income
Property Analysis
Finding Good Deals
Fix and Flip
Buy and Hold
Land Development
Tax Liens
Finding Funding Sources
Credit Management
And Much Much More….

What are your passions? Would you like to do more to afford those passions? Would you like to build a family bank?
Would you like to go from owning liabilities that cost you money to owning assets that make you money? If you were to make 30k, 40k or 50k on flipping just one per year, how would that affect your life?


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