Have you noticed within the last year or so a vast majority of properties are being sold by an auction event ? Its becoming more and more common and it may eventually become the way all real estate is sold. There are companies popping up all over that now feature this new buying method and truth be told there are some fantastic opportunities to buy properties at steep discounts by banks simply not wanting to deal with evicting tenants or deal with houses in less than ideal condition or with problems attached to them. They are literally dumping these properties to get them off their books and only a few smart people are cashing in and getting these deals. Why bother bidding on the bank owned properties that every other investor knows about simply to get caught in a bidding war or not know what price will get the deal or just not getting the deal at all ???? if you are like me this has happened to you and its very frustrating to say the least !!! The simple fact is that not many people know about these auction sites and even if they do they are told its very difficult to bid on them or it doesn’t work so the majority of people pass on it . I was one of those skeptics before I realized what a mistake it was

I have developed a way to show all investors or buyers looking for these bargain deals how to not only be able to bid on these properties but to be alerted the second new properties hit the market sometimes even BEFORE they are available or listed . In addition I can also provide you with access to inspect the property (providing the occupants are cooperative ) I do not charge ANY fees for this service and unlike the off market stuff I do NOT charge ANY commission to the buyer. All you have to do is email or call me and allow me to explain how it works and you can decide if you wish to get in on the action. I do all the legwork and bidding on your behalf for you. All you do is submit your offer and watch and wait !!!!! I work in a safe controlled 100% legal office and am a licensed real estate broker with 10 years of experience doing investment real estate. I specialize in being ahead of the curve and spotting trends in real estate investing. Think of me as your broker agent but the beauty part is I am working for you for free !!!! I charge you zero for my services !!!! I am affiliated with EVERY auction company that is currently out there and I can also give you heads up on stuff that will be coming up in the future BEFORE it hits the market so you can not only beat everyone to the punch but you can also do your due diligence ahead of time

I can’t think of any reason why you would not to take advantage of this new and innovative service so Please call paul @ show contact info for more info and learn how you can be a part of this winning formula. you will be very glad you did. there is NO risk and only reward if you are a serious investor or buyer. I am available for free consultations by phone or in person,


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