50%+ ROI on this excellent Studio City Fixer Upper | Los Angeles Fixer (Studio City, CA) $200000 4bd 2830ft2

$50,000 – $200,000 investments needed

We have already raised $100,000 of the $300,000 needed of the Joint Venture on this deal. We have gap financiers who have already put money in and we just need to round out the last bit of capital for the deal.

We have the 1st trust dee holder in place. We have the designer in place. We have the entire team in place. All we need is a little bit more capital to finalize this and that is where you come in.

For a minimum investment of $50,000 you can be a part of this deal. We’re offering a very generous 40% Joint Venture (JV) split to the GAP investors.

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Return On Investment:

The investors (YOU) will be receiving 40% of the profit from the sale of the project. This would equate to approximately $76,000 paid to investors in the projected 6 months time frame. That would be over a 25.33% return in 6 months time or if the project was annualized over 12 months it would yield 50.66% based on these estimates. The loan will be structured for 12 months, but we project it to be paid off in the next 4-6 months.

Even if the property sells for the low end, let’s say $1,800,000, you still walk away with a return that will far exceed other traditional investments. It is a very practical and very lucrative endeavor. If it sells for $2,000,000 the profit would be $380,000. 40% of that is $152,000 which would yield a 50.66% ROI in 6 months or 101.12% annualized. The sky is the limit on this one!!

Your investment will be securitized by a Joint Venture agreement, and shares of the holding entity LLC (that will own the property) and Promissory NOTE, so you are well protected.

Call me at show contact info or email me at show contact info


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